Leila Otadi began her actress carrier since 2003 with a film by Iraj Ghaderi. The name of the filme was Black Eyes. At the age of 7,she had an offer from a director for a movie,but Leila and her family did not accept that project ,because of her school. At the age of 18,She began her artistic journey with Theater,and at the same time she went to the architectory university. Then Leila had an offer from (Hedayat film co.)Iraj Ghaderi, That she accepted it and acted in Black Eyes. 

After that she was in many films in Iranian cinema. She plays Tennis,Horseriding,Fitness,and she except Persian,speaks English and Turkish. Leila was born and grow up in Tehran (shemiran st.),and now she lives in Darrus st. 

She Played (5) Films For 28 Fajr Festival Of Year 1388,Thoes are Killer (Adamkosh), Red Garden (Baghe ghermez), Adam`s son & Eva`s Daughter (pesare adam dokhtare hava) ,doll (arosak) & First move (Harekate aval)....leila Played 5 Differents Rolls.... 


    Black Eyes : Iraj Ghaderi   1381 
    The Willow Tree:  Majid majidi   1383 
    Left Hand: Arash moayerian  1384
    Hearts Story: Hoshang  Darvishpour  1385
    Four Finger : Saeed soheili   1385
    women are angels: Shahram Shah hossini  1386
    The Invitation : Ebrahim hatamikia   1386
    First Move: Farhad najafi  1386
    Son of Adam , daughters of Eve : Rambod javan  1387
    Doll: Abraham VahidZadeh  1388
    Assassin: Reza Karimi  1388
    Red Garden: Amir Samavati 1388
    Pizza Special: Hossein Ghasemi jami  1389
    Big Trouble: Mehdi  Golestane  1389
    Expelled: Masoud dehnamaki 1389  
    You tap tap: Abraham Forouzesh 1390
    Female Male life: Mehdi Vdady  1390
    Page 113:  Reza Tavakoli 1390
    Mr. A: Ali atshani  1391
    Burnt Matches: Kazem Masoumi 1391
    Lale: Eassy Niknejhad  1392
    Circumvent the ban : Basri 1392
    A nice dinner: Mehdi Mazlomi 1392
    Ninety degrees: Rahmani

 TV Series

    Seal of Moon: Seyed faiz mousavi 1383
    Last sin of: Hossin sohilizadeh  1385
    Of hematoma: Javad marzanabadi 1386
    Tears and smiles: Hassan Fathi 1388

    Hermit: Siroos moghadam 1385
    Out of Paradis: Khosro masomi  1386
    On the same day: Alireza Amini  1387
    Bad Dreams: Mehdi Hadi 1389
    The Pursuit of Happyness: Bahman Goudarzi 1390
    Irreversible: Amir Ahmad Ansari 1390
    Apple Tart: Mehdi Sabbagh Zadeh 1391
    Black Holes: Mohammad kharatzadeh 1391